Interviewing Terry Shames on Authors on the Air

Anyone who's spent three minutes with Terry Shames knows the label #NastyWoman is a perfect fit in its contemporary inverted sense. Brilliant, present, sure, and engaged, she's the ideal interviewee.

About three weeks ago, I had sent her a note saying I wished we could head to the corner for coffee. She told me she'd drink tea, but since Berkeley is more than a few blocks from Toronto email was going to have to suffice. 

Then Pam Stack asked if I'd co-host an episode of her Nasty Women of January, Female Crime Fiction Writers show. Turns out, Terry was on her roster, and I was going to get the conversation I craved.

Bonus, January 3rd was launch day for An UnSettling Crime for Samuel Craddock, sixth in her series about a Texan lawman who can't keep from getting involved in crimes outside his purview.

For me, the chance to interview Terry was the perfect way to kick off 2017, a year a lot of us feel a need to put a shoulder to the wheel.

You can hear the interview here.

Or, better yet, pick up Terry Shame's latest. You won't regret it.