Disappearing Act

Seems I let it happen. Drifting away from even sporadic blog posts. Hibernation. Sloth. Call it whatever. Thing is, I didn't think I'd let it happen so easily.

I've been out and about on a few other sites, busy writing, rewriting, and getting my sea legs after launching Stinking Rich. And then there's been teaching at George Brown College, a couple Noir at the Bar Torontos. No shortage of excuses. None of them particularly good, but they're real.

Solution? This utterly self-indulgent post to relaunch more regular musings. But wait, hasn't that been done to death, too? You know, where the blogger drops in and rambles a bit about nothing at all, promises to come back soon, then...oh, nevermind.

There's a far better way to relaunch a quieted blog: invite a better blogger to guest post. And so I've done. Melissa Olson works harder than most and still found time to answer a few questions. Her post is up next. Meanwhile, here's a picture of me with her at Mystery To Me bookstore in Madison, WI, where we were hosted by Joanne Berg (who's on the right).