A chat with Amber Love on Vodka O'Clock

Last October, I met Amber Love at a reading in New Jersey, at [words] of Maplewood. She asked Tommy Pluck, Tracey Landau, and me some great questions during our author discussion. Later, I learned she was host of Vodka O'Clock. I'd heard of her podcast and was buzzed when she agreed to interview me.

Amber's interviewing style is warm and conversational. Before I knew it, she had me riffing about religion, dead dogs, and the cuddly side of crime writing.

Here's a taste:

“A lot of what I write, when the violence happens, you’re supposed to get a chuckle out of it.”

Amber Love: When it comes to character development, Rob says he creates them organically. He doesn’t have character worksheets, instead opting to load up the history and personality within the story which may be deleted later.

“I find if I’ve sketched out a whole bunch of things about a character and then I go to write them, I’m just not as curious about them. My favorite moments in writing are when I get to channel and watch what’s happening.”

Amber Love: There’s one story he’s working on where he engaged in conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to his door for a year and a half.

As for what got said once we were talking religion? Well, you can listen to the full interview here, on Amber's site.