Been blog-hopping of late

I've been quiet here on the blog while out on the Stinking Rich book tour. But I've popped up on a couple other blogs and I thought I'd best list some here.

In no particular order...

This week I've been involved in a lively round table about revisions with a group of authors at ITW.



And talking about the work involved in a book tour on Chip MacGregor's blog.

Up on Carol Balawyder's blog, I shared the story of how I got published.

At The Big Thrill, I was skillfully interviewed by Azam Gill. He got me thinking about where some of my ideas come from, in ways I hadn't considered until asked.

There's more to come...a number of places I've been invited and will land in November. And more than a few posts I'd like to make here about these couple months on the road.