Sex, drugs, and writing with teens in the house

This week, Deryn Collier asked me to guest blog at her site where she's running a series about parents who write. I fessed up to the added pressure I feel with my productivity continually assessed by a pair of teenage mouths who demand to be fed.

There are no shortcuts in writing. Its a road so littered with potholes, sometimes it feels like that old wooden labyrinth game...but with all those little wooden walls ripped out.

And when you've got teenaged children banging the door open at 4:00 asking, "Sooooo, whatcha do today?"... Well, there's only so many times you can talk about writer's block.

Back to the salt mines. Here's my post chez Deryn Collier: "Writing with teens in the house".

And by the by, Deryn's debut, CONFINED SPACE, has been shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award. Check it out.