THUGLIT Issue #3

Todd Robinson relaunched THUGLIT last fall and Issue #3 came out this week. It's hard-boiled as hell and has been a launch-pad for a whack of great talent since Todd first got it going nearly a decade ago. (Read how that happened in this no-holds-barred interview by Jen Conley at Shotgun Honey.)

You gotta know I'm jazzed Todd put me in this issue along with J.D. Hibbetts, Terrence McCauley, Paul Heatley, Hector Acosta, Ed Kurtz, John Hodgkins, and Nathan Pettigrew.

If you want a taste of "Lucky for Me", I've put an excerpt up here. But seriously, pour yourself a stiff one and stick THUGLIT on your Kindle. Just make sure the lights are out.