Breakin' my a-political rule

I said I wouldn't get political on this blog—mostly because my politics are such a mess I would be extremely hard-pressed to avoid offending just about everyone on the right, left, or upside-down part of the spectrum.

But if you live in Toronto today, you just gotta give your head a shake.

Our country has a prime minister who refuses to acknowedge parliamentarians were sent to Ottawa to do more than warm their seats. He pushes omnibus bills through once in a while, packed to the rafters with everything he wants done. It's not horribly different from the way the Chinese National Assembly operates.

Our province is currently led by a premier who shut down the legislature when he was handed a minority third term in office. It was kind of inconvenient having to work with that pesky opposition, it would appear.

Our mayor seems to spend more time in court fighting this that and the other (I've lost count) than in council. If he's too busy to show up for work, who the hell else is going to berate the earnest garage-sale-inspecting, brothel-promoting councillors who pretend to run Canada's largest city?

Now, our director of education confesses to plagiarism and DOESN'T understand that this would be a good day to resign. Instead, the good doctor says he'll sign up for a course in ethics.

Think about it. If a bank CEO kited a few cheques, an archbishop got caught practicing witchcraft, or a judge took a couple bribes, we'd kinda expect them to quit. Wouldn't we?

For the record, in my lifetime, I have voted Liberal, Conservative, Green (mostly), and probably for a couple of wingnuts along the way. I have held more ignorant beliefs than I care to admit, and stood corrected only when my gi-nor-mous ego got out of the way. I'm an observer. Not claiming innocence.

But, really, how the hell are we supposed to expect better of the next generation when ours—as represented by the leaders we elect and appoint—steadfastly refuses to take accountability, behave with integrity, or even bother to show up for work?

If I were to write the above prime minister, premier, mayor, and director of education into a novel, any sane editor would tell me my characters are too far-fetched. To dial it back a little and make it believable.

Rant closed.


Blog update

Said director of education did resign, reportedly after a five-hour discussion with his and his employers' lawyers. Oh, and the journalistic discovery that other articles he had "written" appeared to be heavily, erm, supported by unattributed lifts from other writers. Guess there's a lesson for the kids in there somewhere.