Gonna be a messed-up summer

The Kawarthas don't quite reach down to Highway 401, but Rice Lake comes darn close.  And even if Rice Lake isn't technically in the Kawarthas, there's a goodly amount of the Kawarthas in Rice Lake.

So when I saw the smog hanging over the 401 on the second full day of Spring 2012, I got a little worried.

Sure, I enjoyed riding with the windows down on the way to and from Rockland a mere 72 hours after a little Spring skiing. And I am sure my uncle who's funeral I'd attended was glad his friends and family had such a brilliant day on which to celebrate his good, long, tender life.

And who can argue with dinner on the patio in the backyard when there should still be snow on the ground? Who's going to complain about finding enough baby arugula in the garden on March 22nd to warrant salad on the 23rd?

Still, seeing that much smog this early in the season just south of Rice Lake, makes me wonder just how hot the summer's going to get.

An extra long extra hot summer means extra boats, beer, and bonfires. Toss in burgers, boards, and bourbon and it all starts sounding a little messed up to me.