Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Audacious? Auspicious? Or just plain flukey. I'll go with that.

If some of my characters had spent more time with Theodor Seuss Geisel, they might not have wound up on my pages. But then, who knows where simple rhymes and strong values will really take you. Think rap. For a moment.

Starting a blog on Dr. Seuss's birthday does seem right, however, for a guy who never wanted to do anything more than write stories—the taller the better—to make people grin, or maybe cringe just a little.

Over the past year, I completed my first novel and began a second. (This after a two decade hiatus to play in a digital media revolution that made things we dreamed about in the 80s more real than we ever imagined. A revolution that has made video-blogging by phone easier than writing a coherent sentence more than ten words long.)

And all I want to do is write. Words.

And read. And write some more.

Is that horribly self-indulgent? Probably. Especially if too many words find their way onto this blog rather than onto the pages and into the characters that just won't stop misbehaving in my mind.

I write about folk who do things that get people sent to jail.

But they tell me for a writer to become an author in 2012, he needs a platform. And the ideal platform for an unpublished author is a background or career steeped in the subject matter of his fiction.  Problem is I write about folk who do things that get people sent to jail. And they think it's normal.

A cop or a lawyer might be able to lay legitimate claim to that kind of career, but me? Or anyone else who can string together a ten-word sentence, coherent or not?

And so I'll blog. If blogging is exercise, it's no surprise I've avoided it so long. Verbal pushups in public? Hardly a pursuit for the timid. Still, just like at the gym, no one's really watching, are they?

I'll drop a few lines, and then a few more, try like hell to stay apolitical, and see whether red spots become blue spots any time soon.