JUST LIKE THAT by Les Edgerton

Les Edgerton’s JUST LIKE THAT is crime fiction, stripped bare. The voicing is pitch perfect. Edgerton draws the reader in with frank honest portrayals of life on the run and behind bars, not shying away from humour when it’s the right tool. Then, once he’s got you comfortable, he slams you with reality, making you feel right there with him, in the dark.

Edgerton's lens is like the bottom of a tumbler ready for another shot of bourbon. The novel may be based on events that took place in the sixties but the language and raw emotion make it read like it happened last week.

Even the jumps that make some chapters feel like non sequiturs serve to reinforce the arbitrariness of the world he paints so well.

Les Edgerton says “most folks who find themselves in prison are barely literate and not likely to write a book about their experiences.” Lucky for us, he is not only literate but literary, and bothered to write just such a novel.

Here's Les talking craft, from the heart.