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“Deviously funny.”

—Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews



“Rob Brunet's Stinking Rich is a hilarious caper, laced with as many twists and turns as a backcountry road, and populated with a motley collection of unforgettable would-be heroes, all scrabbling for a piece of the action. Thoroughly entertaining!”

  —Owen Laukkanen, Barry-, ITW, and Spinetingler-nominated author of The Professionals, Criminal Enterprise, and Kill Fee


“To call the the characters in Rob Brunet's fantastic debut "the criminal underbelly" would be to give them far too much credit—underbelly is what these guys aspire to. If Carl Hiaasen were Canadian and enjoyed partaking in a little Class D substance for recreation, then you'd have an idea of what Stinking Rich has for you between its covers.”

  —Todd Robinson, Anthony Award-nominated author of The Hard Bounce, and publisher/editor of Thuglit


“Move over, Carl Hiassen and Tim Dorsey—you’ve got company in the wacky crime genre with Canadian Rob Brunet who has just joined your ranks. Readers are in for a heck of a ride with Stinking Rich, one of the wildest romps you’ll ever go on. Part The Gang That Couldn`t Shoot Straight, part Serge Storms on LSD, part Raising Arizona, who woulda thought those “nice” folks from north of the border could be this insane? ...The cast is right out of a John Waters movie and with more unexpected twists and wrong turns than a blind rat on crack running a maze. This book rocks!”

  —Les Edgerton, O. Henry-, Edgar Allan Poe, and Spinetingler-nominated author of Just Like That, The Bitch, and Hooked